Frequently Asked Questions


How secure is Recruit Complete?

We take data security very seriously at Recruit Complete. Security measures, policies and procedures are in place to comply with all ISO 17001:2013 information security standards.

Recruit Complete is a registered business name of Sunshade Capital Pty Ltd, which is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation (Certificate No. 500-05824-IS).

Are demos available?

They sure are. Contact us for a full, no obligations demo. We’ll walk you through all of our features and how they can help your business, so you can see Recruit Complete in action and ask any questions you have before committing to anything.

How much does Recruit Complete cost?

Recruit Complete is competitively priced, with an incredibly comprehensive base solution that provides all the tools required for a recruitment business to run smoothly. Additional modules are available with pricing on request.

Visit our pricing page for more information. Contact us to book a free demo or have a chat about how Recruit Complete can help you.

Is Recruit Complete only for big companies?

Not at all. We’ve developed Recruit Complete to help any business of any size by accurately and efficiently managing their front office, back office and recruitment processes all in one place. Whether you’re a startup, local recruitment business or a global retailer, Recruit Complete is right for you.

Is Recruit Complete only for recruitment?

No. Recruitment management is a part of what we do best, however we’ve included a complete set of features to let you accurately and efficiently manage all your day-to-day business processes, payroll and management. Recruitment is just the beginning.


How customisable is the Recruit Complete platform?

All workflows within your Recruit Complete solution are configurable to suit your requirements. All platform areas, email and report templates are white labelled to showcase your business’ branding.

How does the recruitment pipeline work?

Our recruitment pipeline is designed to be fully configurable, so you can adjust each stage to suit your unique recruitment requirements. Simply drag and drop candidates along the pipeline as they progress, set automatic assessment requests, reference checks or tasks for each stage and enjoy an easier way to hire the right people – every time.

What options do you have for attendance management?

Recruit Complete’s Time & Attendance system integrates with both our tablet-based time clock and facial recognition solutions for attendance capture. It provides an up-to-the-minute dashboard, proforma timesheets, automated award interpretation, and comprehensive reporting options for complete attendance management.

Is a mobile app available?

Yes – we understand how busy life can get! We’ve developed a mobile app that automatically syncs with your desktop version, so you can keep up to date and continue with recruitment, scheduling or payroll-related tasks while you’re in and out of the office, between meetings or on the move.

Choose from our standard Recruit Complete branding, or a custom white-labelled app to showcase your logo.


My business has complex payroll requirements, including employees working on multiple worksites in multiple roles. Can Recruit Complete cope with this?

Yes. Recruit Complete has been developed to handle all payroll requirements for Australia and New Zealand, from the simplest to the most complex. This includes handling multiple rates, roles and worksites with ease, with the ability to generate a single payslip for employees with multiple roles.

You can be confident that Recruit Complete will handle your payroll accurately, every time. Book a free, no obligations demo and we can run through the process with you before signing up.

How does the payroll system work?

Our payroll system is developed with efficiency and, most importantly, accuracy in mind. We have automated the process for each employee based on award interpretation, annual leave available, superannuation, payroll tax (State compliant) and work cover. You won’t need to worry about introducing error with things like double entries (or just being human) again. Simply fill in the details once, ensure timesheets are up to date, and let Recruit Complete take care of the rest.

What awards are covered in the payroll system?

Recruit Complete automatically interprets more than 50 awards across many industries. Find our full list of awards for the Healthcare, Service and Blue Collar industries in their respective pages. We can also develop non-standard awards on request. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I use Xero as my payroll engine. Can I use Recruit Complete for the front end, and retain Xero functionality?

Absolutely. Recruit Complete is fully integrated with Xero, providing you with the choice to retain your existing system or switch to Recruit Complete Payroll at any time.

Implementation & Support

Where is your support team based?

Recruit Complete provides support directly from our Australian head office, based in Maroochydore, Queensland. This is where our senior executives, lead development and support teams are based. Our support team operates 8.30am – 5.00pm AEST Monday to Friday.

What does the implementation process look like?

When implementing your system, we take a thorough and collaborative approach to ensure we completely understand your current and future requirements, and can tailor your solution to best fit your business.

We also believe that you should be completely satisfied with your solution before committing to the investment. You can relax knowing that investment is only required after your review and approval of the delivery at each implementation milestone.

Read more about our implementation and engagement ethos here.

Please contact us to discuss timeframes and implementation costs for your business.

I'm currently using a different recruitment management system. How difficult is it to transfer all my business' data?

Contact us and we’ll help you to find the easiest solution, depending on your current system.

We’ve developed Recruit Complete to simplify and streamline your recruitment, management, scheduling and payroll processes so once you’re all set up, you can forget about working through endless spreadsheets, doubling up on entries and risking error in the process.


How much does it cost to tailor my Recruit Complete solution for my business?

This depends on the changes you require and additional modules required.

White labelling and standard workflow adjustments specific to your business are included in the base price for Recruit Complete.

Custom sections and new development will be scoped and agreed upon prior to us starting, so you won’t get any surprises.

Still have questions or ready to see a demo? Please get in touch!