Implementing your Recruit Complete System

We take a collaborative approach to ensure we deliver the software your business needs to succeed.

Our Engagement Ethos: UserFirst.

When implementing your Recruit Complete system, we like to take a UserFirst approach, which is founded on our passion for collaboration. We take the time at the start of your project to really understand your vision and what you want to achieve with your new system, so we can tailor your platform to meet your specific requirements.

We put you and your needs first – it’s our ‘UserFirst’ way.

To ensure we deliver the best possible outcome for your business, we gather as much information as possible right at the start. This approach enables us to tailor the platform for your current, future, and any possible requirements. We believe that a structured process now enables flexibility in your system for the future.

We also believe that you should be completely satisfied with our work before committing to your software investment. Gone are the days where the financial and delivery risks lie on you, the customer. Investment is only required after your review and approval of the delivery at each implementation milestone. You can relax knowing that you will only pay when the agreed project deliverables meet your expectations along the implementation journey.

1. Understand Requirements


Gather & Discuss Requirements

Tell us exactly what you need from your recruitment software. We’ll take the time to discuss, understand and capture your broader requirements.


Understand Individual Elements

We work collectively through your spreadsheets and processes to identify and understand all your requirements, and ensure all elements are captured.

2. Documentation


Prepare Requirements Document

We take care to document all requirements and individual elements for your approval to ensure nothing is missed in the implementation phase.


Document all workflows

From all end-to-end recruitment processes through to timesheet & invoice processing, notifications, integrations and more, we document every step in your workflow.

3. Review & Configure


Requirements Document Review

Before we begin to deploy your prototype, we thoroughly review all requirements and workflows to ensure no details are missed.


Prototype Deployment & Configuration

Now’s the time to deploy and configure your Recruit Complete system, tailored for your documented and agreed requirements.

4. System Delivery


Prototype Delivery For Your Review & Acceptance

We’ll meet with you to show you through your system and discuss any changes you’d like to make prior to the final touches being arranged.


Update Final User Requirements Document

Depending on your feedback, we’ll go back and update your requirements document to reflect final tweaks and changes.


Develop User Guides & Training Materials

To ensure a seamless transition, we develop comprehensive user guides and training materials for your business’ system.


Finalise Configuration!

With all bases covered, we put the final touches on your Recruit Complete system. You’re now ready to get started!

Ready to get started?

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