Time & Attendance


Creating timesheets and monitoring attendance? Simple.

Timesheets, attendance and time management doesn’t need to be time-consuming as well. Including facial recognition attendance capture, a tablet-based clock and automated, accurate proforma timesheets, it’s easy to manage and capture employee attendance with our Time & Attendance software.

Generate accurate proforma timesheets

Create a more efficient, accurate timesheeting process. Simply generate the schedule in Recruit Complete, and proforma timesheets are created automatically.

Timesheets can be maintained directly in the application, with candidate entry and customer approval directly from the mobile app.

Automatic proforma timesheets
Tablet-based time clock

Automated, secure & intelligent attendance capture

An efficient, accurate and reliable attendance management system can save your business significant costs. Whether you choose to implement a tablet-based time clock or our intelligent high-speed facial recognition system, you can rest assured that your attendance management system is efficient, secure, and creating reliable outcomes for your business.

And, integrated with your Recruit Complete system, all attendance data is automatically updated where appropriate to ensure accuracy from clocking in through to award interpretation, invoicing and payroll.

Learn more about Attendance Capture.

Stay up to date with up-to-the-minute detail

Never be left guessing again, with up-to-the-minute data and notifications for all things attendance.

In your calendar dashboard find accurate detail on:

  • Employee attendance
  • Unplanned leave
  • Absentees
  • Missed clocking
  • Leave requests due
  • Available candidates
  • Returning from absence
  • Attending but not scheduled
  • Expiring qualifications
Easy tracking of employee attendance
Compliant with a range of Australian Fair Work Awards

Fully compliant with many Fair Work Awards

Remove the need for manual extension of timesheets. Determine the applicable award for each candidate or job and leave the rest to automated award interpretation.

  • Remove payroll errors
  • Ensure correct invoicing
  • Significantly reduce payroll processing times
  • Improve cash flow through reductions in errors
  • Protect your business from the threat of ‘wage theft’.

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