Permanent & Temporary Recruitment


Seamless management of all recruitment requirements.

Whether you’re recruiting for permanent or temporary positions, Recruit Complete makes managing the differing requirements seamless. With configurable pipelines and workflows, graphical views of your talent pool, comprehensive scheduling and automated invoicing, managing unique role requirements, easily, is now possible.

Configurable to meet all requirements

Make your system work best for your specific workflow requirements. Configure pipelines and workflows by job, or job category, to ensure seamless management of all candidates and roles.

A configurable system for all recruitment requirements
Comprehensive scheduling with drag and drop edit functionality

Comprehensive scheduling

View temporary jobs in a comprehensive scheduling module, enabling efficient changes to suit dynamic customer requirements.

Simply drag and drop edits to update your schedule as changes are required.

Automated invoicing

Take care of your revenue, the simple way, for all jobs. Automation saves you a significant amount of time and stress when invoicing for both permanent and temporary role types.

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Automated invoicing system

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