Time to be better: An opportunity for recruiters

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I have read with interest several articles relating to the recent case before the Federal Court – WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato.

I cannot help but think this represents a fantastic opportunity for Recruiters, specifically those providing contingent labour – like Workpac.

I cannot imagine what this ruling means for retrospective arrangements and payments made, as I am sure that it will amount to significant amounts of money.  On a similar vein we have seen high profile companies fail when finding out they had misinterpreted employment provisions and penalties under the Fair Work Awards – think Calombaris of MasterChef fame.

I have seen a few examples in my time where Labour Hire companies have been able to rely on the ‘casual’ categorisation to move employees from direct employment with a company to being provided via the Recruitment company.  I am sure that there have been many examples where this process was really an opportunity to re-frame the cost structure and simplify processes, so that the Recruitment company can save the employer money, sometimes at the cost of the worker.  Why else would the employer move from direct employment to utilisation of a Recruitment company to provide the required labour?

Well, clearly any employer will do anything they can do to save cost. That makes sense, no matter how you look at it.

This case does not change this dynamic. An innovative, customer and candidate centric recruiter should save an employer on wage and associated costs by being ‘better’ at the process of employment – not by changing employment conditions.

The opportunity then is for the Recruiter to address process and become an expert in the provision of labour.

The efficient recruiter will be better at finding and screening contacts, better at scheduling and managing compliance, better at moving workers between employers to enable them to match wage cost with demand, better at time sheets, payroll, and award interpretation.

It is by being better, that the Recruiter will save their employer’s money and not by innovative contract design and re-classification of roles.

However, being better can no longer be achieved with desire and intent alone.

The process of Recruitment and Labour provision is complex, and the responsibilities to workers both for safety and wage compliance well understood.  This process demands a broad and comprehensive approach to technology.

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