Engage, Exceed, Retain

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At Recruit Complete, we make software. Specifically, Recruitment software.

The Recruitment industry is a fascinating one. Like any industry it has its own specific aspects that are nuanced and interesting. However, unlike most other industries, the temporary employees that are hired by recruitment companies span many other industries. This means that our software needs to not only understand Recruitment, but also the industries of our Clients’ clients.

So when it came time to come up with a slogan for our software, we found it a little hard to describe.

We decided to focus on what we want our software to do for our clients. That is how we came up with ‘Engage, Exceed, Retain’.

There are 3 important parts of every recruitment company that provides temporary labour. There are the:

  • Permanent Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Clients.

For each of these parts, we strive to provide software that Engages, Exceeds and Retains.

Firstly, for the Permanent Staff of the Recruitment Company, we aim to engage them by having easy to use software. We aim to exceed their expectations by delivering tools that cover the entire process from the initial contact through to placing staff. And we aim to retain them for our clients by giving them more efficient processes and increasing their job satisfaction.

Secondly, we aim to engage Temporary Staff by allowing for a smooth onboarding process to bring them into the business. We aim to exceed their expectations by giving them seamless digital timesheet experience that directly feeds their payroll. We aim to retain them by paying them correctly, fairly and on-time.

Thirdly, we aim to engage Clients by enabling them to get accurate quotes for their jobs in a fast manner. We exceed their expectations by giving them staff who are fit for purpose and ready to work, as well as correct and timely invoices. And we retain them for our client by creating a smooth and repeatable experience with the recruitment company.

So when you see Engage, Exceed, Retain, we hope that you can see what we are aiming for. We want to produce software that will help you Engage, Exceed and Retain your Permanent Staff, your Temporary Staff and your Clients.

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