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The recruitment world is competitive. Not only for the candidates, but for all business and recruiters, too.

To fill any role, you’re competing with everyone else for the best candidates – so don’t get left behind. It’s becoming more and more important to keep up to date with the latest technology to enable quick decisions that let you employ the best talent, first.

This is where automation steps in.

What is automation for recruitment?

Automation for recruiters involves using the latest recruitment technology to take care of your repetitive, time consuming tasks. It frees up a significant amount of time among tasks such as CV and applicant screening, responding, tracking, hiring and sometimes even payroll.

Do you really need automation? You can of course continue to hire people how you’ve always done it, but with technology available that will significantly improve your efficiency, productivity, output and performance, you’d be crazy not to consider it. Automating your recruitment processes enables you to keep up with, or stay ahead of, your competitors.

The most talented candidates are always snapped up quickly, so don’t waste the opportunity by contacting candidates too late because your screening and tracking systems took longer than your competitors.

Automatically screen applicants

Remember that drowning feeling when sitting down to print and review what feels like hundreds of CVs as soon as a job has closed? It can take forever to manually organise, filter and assess the suitability of candidates – for only the first stage of screening.

Let technology take care of that. With automated applicant screening, your system can screen CVs and applications for specific keywords or characteristics and automatically filter out the unsuccessful applicants before you even sit down to read. Save time with only the most suitable candidates for each role landing on your list of applications to review.

There is no need to wait for the advertisement to close before getting started with your most promising candidates. You’ll be handed quality, screened applications as soon as they hit the system, ensuring that you won’t lose the best candidates to other businesses in the region if their listing closes before yours does.

Automate assessments and interviews

Now that your applicants have passed the first screening, you can choose to pick up the phone and call them… or save time and automate your next step. The choice is yours.

Instead of waiting for a face-to-face interview to find out what your candidates know, consider setting up your pipeline to automatically send these candidates online assessment links where they can prove their skills. This lets you filter applicants further, with minimal time and effort spent.

Assessments could include multiple response types, including text or video, which can be assessed by Artificial Intelligence, or by you – or both. You are in control here.

Respond quickly to EVERY candidate

By automating emails in any stage of your recruitment pipeline, responding to every single applicant – whether successful or not – is now simple. And it’s worth it!

If an applicant does not progress to the next stage, simply automate emails to acknowledge the time and effort taken to apply. Why is this important? Every interaction with clients and candidates reflects on your business. This includes making the effort to respond to people who have made the effort to apply for your advertised role, particularly if you will be filling similar roles in the future.

Trust us when we say that candidates appreciate it. It’s tough receiving rejection emails, but it’s even worse never hearing back from their application at any stage of the process. And, not responding to all your applicants reflects poorly on your business. Having an automated recruitment pipeline makes this task a seamless and easy part of your process.

Easy tracking of applicants and positions

Tracking your applicants and all open jobs is now a whole lot easier with the help of clever technology. With an applicant tracking system (ATS) you can see all applicants at all stages of the process for each role – at a quick glance. Easily move successful candidates along a pipeline, with automated responses at each stage if you choose.

An easy to understand view of each candidate’s position in each role makes it simple to stay up to date with what’s happening and where – especially if you have multiple job vacancies to fill at the same time. You can find many examples online of different ATS, or see how Recruit Complete does it here.

Automated induction & onboarding

Now that you’ve found and hired the successful candidate, some roles require inductions to take place. Let’s face it – it’s easy to make mistakes or forget about certain induction steps when you’re hiring for multiple roles. Ensure all compliance requirements are met for each new hire with, you guessed it, the help of your automated recruitment process.

You can set up induction processes to begin upon acceptance of a role to ensure all requirements are met before the job starts. For example, this could be automatically sending the successful candidates links to quick courses that require completion, HR documents to read, or health & safety videos to watch before they begin.

Overall: Significantly improved recruitment performance with a more efficient and professional hiring process.

With your most basic and time-consuming processes automated, you’ll be able to fill more roles faster and achieve more every day. With all the time you’ll save, you will now be able to build stronger relationships and provide better service to your clients.

With a clearer understanding of each person’s needs and how you can help them, and more time on your hands, you can consider extra services like interview coaching for both your clients and candidates. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, but even a few simple pointers, that you previously did not have time for, can make a world of difference to their outcomes.

Automation will never replace you as a recruiter, but it will make your life a whole lot easier and help you to achieve significantly more in the same amount of time. So, what are you waiting for?


Automation is a key feature in our Recruit Complete system. If you’re interested and want to learn more or see the software in action before making any decision, you’re welcome to book a free, no obligations demo.

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